The Silver Ball 2014

From the moment it was launched shortly before Remembrance Sunday 2010, the Armed Forces Fund has resonated powerfully with everyone. For generations, we have all admired the dedication and selflessness of British troops fighting for our country and been in awe of the bravery they show in battle and their willingness, if necessary, to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

The deaths in Afghanistan of two Old Radleians, Rupert Thorneloe and Dougie Dalzell, and the extraordinary examples of bravery shown by Harry Parker, Rowley Gregg and others, brought the tragic consequences of such selflessness home to all of us in a terribly real and humbling way.

From this came a determination to do as much as we can to offer hope for the future to the many families who have suffered devastating personal tragedy through loss or serious injury of a loved one fighting our wars. With this in mind, the AFF was created to provide an opportunity for the children of these families to be given a first-class education at one of our three schools, which would otherwise not have been available to them.

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The Silver Ball in 2011 raised over £400,000 and the awareness of the Fund created by the Ball has helped enormously in achieving the total of £1.3 million currently raised.

However, we have more applicants for bursaries that the fund can currently provide and we need at least £2 million. We hope that many friends and families within the three Schools’ communities will join us for a fabulous evening at the Silver Ball 2014 and help us bridge the gap.

A full list of the Auction Prizes donated for the evening, is available here.


28th November 2014

The Silver Ball commenced with a Champagne Reception followed by a delicious three-course dinner. This was followed by a live auction with Charlie Ross and then plenty of time to dance the night away to the strains of the Earthlights Boogie Band.

Photos of the Silver Ball 2014

Photos taken at the Silver Ball are now available to view and purchase at just £5 per image.

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The Silver Ball 2011